Skyjacker – Made in Croydon

Croydon Aerodrome, which was situated about 9 miles south of central London, opened on 29 March 1920 and became London's main airport boasting the first ever air traffic control tower. Direct routes to Paris, Rotterdam and Amsterdam were flown on a daily basis and Croydon was adopted as the base for Imperial Airways (later to become British Airways who still use callsign "Speedbird" based on the Imperial Airways logo). Croydon Aerodrome closed in 1959 due to lack of expansion options and flight operations were moved to nearby Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

I wouldn't say that Croydon Aerodrome is the main reason that we decided to build Skyjacker in Croydon, but it's great to work in a place that has it's place in aviation history. 

So why did we base ourselves in Croydon? Well, there are some obvious reasons. I live in South East London, so the commuting is quick, easy and against the London bound crew. And Rob lives in Croydon - ok, so it was a no brainer.

But less obvious is the a thriving tech and artist community in Croydon. There are loads of small business with great ideas based here and it's brilliant to be amongst them. We found out about TMRW, a pretty sweet (as in super awesome!) tech hub set up by Francois Mazoudier and his team, and decided to move in this January. The hub is a great community, with 1 man bands coding VR flight simulators and games, a superstar vlogger with 1m followers, deep-tech audio app for medical use, allergy Apps builders, to 25 people scaleups working with Samsung on the future of Connected Cars. Come and join us. There's more info about TMRW hub at

5 months since we moved in, we're ready to launch our first app. Proudly "Made in Croydon". 

"Skyjacker - We Own the Skies" launches exclusively on iOS App Store on 15 June. See you in the Skies!