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Grab your shades and become the most notorious skyjacker in the world in the mixed-reality strategy game! Use your radar scanner and binoculars to find airplanes flying near you. Keep your cool as you divert flights, make demands and battle it out to unlock achievements wherever you fly in the world.

Taking off soon on iOS App Store


The Pokemon GO of Plane Hijacking!

Alpha Beta Gamer

Be an opportunist!

Switch on your radar scanner to find airplanes flying overhead
Take your binoculars out to skyjack flights and issue your demands


Keep your cool to win

Stay alert to protect your airplane from other skyjackers and federal agents
Collect cash, airports and aircraft to hire sidekicks and spotters.


Defend your airplanes, there are other skyjackers around!


Try to become the top dog for over 300 types of airplane


Divert airplanes to any airport in the world and unlock bonuses the more you land there


Will you become the most notorious skyjacker in the world?